Frequently Asked Questions

Can my employees receive daily wellness notifications if they do not have a smartphone?

Yes, if your employees do not have a smartphone, the daily wellness notifications can be sent via email.

Can I use Wellness Tracker for my customers and clients too?

Yes, many of our users have discovered that Wellness Tracker is a great solution for customers as well as reoccurring clients who visit their place of business.

Can I use Wellness Tracker outside of Hawaii?

Yes, we developed Wellness Tracker to be compatible and usable in all time zones across the nation.

Can I customize the questions?

Yes, you may customize your questions, and there is no limit to the amount of questions you may ask. However, we recommend running all wellness survey questions by your HR department for compliance before posting.

Is there a cost for Wellness Tracker?

No, there isn't a cost for Hawaii businesses. As we were developing this tool for our clients, we recognized Wellness Tracker needed to be made available to the larger local community to help curb the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, as a part of our ALTRES Foundation outreach, we have extended these same tools to the Hawaii business community at no cost, now or in the future.

Do you offer support for Wellness Tracker?

Yes, we provide a Help section within Wellness Tracker, and you may also email [email protected].

Do I have to download an app to use Wellness Tracker?

No, you do not need to download an app to utilize Wellness Tracker as it is a web-based tool. We developed it to be quick, convenient and non-intrusive for you and your employees and customers.

Is Wellness Tracker HIPPA compliant?

The ALTRES Foundation is not a "covered entity" under HIPAA. Nonetheless, we take the confidentiality of health information seriously and, to that end, we have adopted many of the concepts of HIPAA data security in the form of voluntary best practices.

Please see the Wellness Tracker Security Statement.

Also, keep in mind you will create the screening questions for your company (we only provide sample screening questions) and, we recommend drafting generalized screening questions about COVID exposure and not specific questions that may elicit confidential health information.

How secure is Wellness Tracker?

We take data security very seriously. Refer to the Wellness Tracker Security Statement for an overview of security features of the application and infrastructure.

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