Here's how it works

Each day participants individually self-screen for how they feel, who they encounter or how they may have possibly contracted the virus. With this top-of-mind approach, participants make a conscious decision to either self-quarantine or head out into the world to start their day.

Wellness Tracker is a unique and powerful software based on these principles to make the process easy. And the best part, there's no cost for Hawaii businesses.

It's simply our way of helping to restart the economy and keep us safe.

Key Features

QR code wellness checks

An easy way to provide wellness checks and collect guest info before they enter your premises

  • Central database for customer information
  • User-defined screening questions for customers
  • Contactless customer self-assessments
  • Ability to track data across multiple locations

Configurable to your business

  • User-defined screening questions and sample library
  • Supports multiple locations, shifts and time zones
  • Group employees by shifts, positions and supervisors to accurately manage notifications
  • Brandable - Upload your business' logo to maintain ownership and culture
Screenshot of Wellness Tracker on Mobile Device
Photo of user of Wellness Tracker

Active self-screening features

Unlike other "passive" self-screening applications, Wellness Tracker is an "active" tool that allows businesses to manage and monitor their wellness screening strategy in real-time.

  • Real-time reporting and historical data dashboard
  • Automatic email notifications regarding employee status
  • Immediate alerts to supervisors for incomplete self-screening surveys and health concerns
  • Ability to broadcast messages to all staff
  • Allows for text and email communication

Intuitive user interface

  • Easy to manage employee settings
  • Batch employee uploads for larger companies
  • Supports organizational reporting
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Non-intrusive text or email notifications
  • No additional downloads or app required

Screenshot of the Wellness Tracker Dashboard

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